In our secret hearts, we all dream of flight, of seeing the beauty of the world from above. Wouldn’t that be glorious?

Available for Private Aerial Photography Commissions


Tiffany loves working on private commissions and she's captured some truly breath-taken images for our lucky clients. No matter what the location, Tiffany would love to create you something special. Please get in touch about this service. That’s true whether it's for commercial photography in the USA or a private commission for aerial photographs of the city that never sleeps.

The USA is an especially gorgeous country for this – the iconic parks, the glittering water, the diverse architecture meeting those sensational sunsets.

But when it comes to picture perfect photography, there is no need to settle for dreaming of getting a bird’s eye view. It is well within your reach.

Have you got a unique property or extravagant event that would best be seen from these lofty heights, as though you were sitting on the clouds themselves? Aerial photography is a special kind of art that not everyone can master. Capturing an image from up in the air can seem like magic itself.

Tiffany Gette is a highly talented specialist in all areas of photography.

Dedicated to her calling, she has mastered both the technical artistry and the magical element of aerial photography.

If you are searching for a photographer who has the skills to capture crisp, sumptuously detailed images from above, she is the premier choice. With access to helicopters and planes, Tiffany has the ideal resources at her disposal to elevate her photographs – rising above your expectations for results that seem to defy gravity itself.

Do you have a special vision for your product, event or building?

Whatever your needs, Tiffany can bring those dreams into reality. America has such a diverse and fascinating landscape, rich in a whole range of possibilities for thousands of unique images. Whether you are looking for commercial photography for your business or you require personal, domestic photographs, she can make it happen for you.

Committed to aerial photography that preserves the spirit of a moment in its purest form, Tiffany uses specialised aerial photograph stabilisation to make sure that every finished shot is sharp, stunning and unique.

These images are beautiful and crisp without the need for extreme editing techniques employed by many photographers. This helps to create a photograph which has the high definition detailing of a digital photograph, with a heart and rawness that puts you in mind of analogue photography.

Your breathtaking photographs will be available as physical copies on a range of photo paper, whether you require matte, glossy, semi-matte finishes, and more. Especially invaluable for those with commercial real estate ventures, Tiffany seeks to show the unique beauty and soul of your property in its best light.

Tiffany believes in not rushing to simply get the job done – which results in photographs that are taken at just the right moment, in exactly the right place. With the artistry of her work always in mind, you will be astounded by the sheer scope and grace of every single image.

The United States of America is a very special place, and so is your little piece of it.

Whatever your needs and whoever you are, if you require an aerial photographer in the United States, you are sure to find new heights of excellence with Tiffany.