For new angles on the photographs, and the best views of the skyline,
you need a photographer who is head and shoulders above the competition.

Tiffany Gette meets that brief in more ways than one! Not least as her Veritas Ventures enterprise uses the latest drone camera technology to soar above the land and its surroundings, capturing its life, action and essence in unrivalled splendour.

Available for Private Photography Commissions


Tiffany loves working on private commissions and she's captured some truly breath-taken images for our lucky clients. No matter what the location, Tiffany would love to create you something special. Please get in touch about this service. That’s true whether it's for commercial photography in the USA or a private commission for aerial photographs of the city that never sleeps.

Creating the best drone images

Advanced drone cameras for aerial images is only half the story. You also need a creative eye and the ability to know how to get the perfect shot that matches a client’s brief.

Tiffany uses inspiration and hard work to meet (and often exceed) her client’s expectations. Even seasoned Americans are often in awe of the amazing images she grabs, and the way her pictures are worth far more than a thousand words.

Also, knowing the locations, angles, timings and events to use for jaw-dropping photographs of the world is something that only a true lover of this glorious globe is capable of.

Her incredible abilities and original eye go alongside intimate knowledge of aerial photography regulations. As well as its glorious cornucopia of aerial photographic opportunities!




Technological excellent aerial shots

Tiffany’s incredible skills and instincts are supported by the latest drone technology. This provides great stability and crystal clear imagery.

From this comes Veritas Ventures’ reputation for providing photographs of unrivalled quality and clarity.

Each aerial image of the USA or beyond will be vibrant with detail and colour, superbly encapsulating a moment in time.

Specific commercial briefs or private commissions

The starting point of a collaboration with the uber-talented photographer Tiffany Gette is to work up a brief that meets all your goals. Whether that is a commercial aerial photoshoot in the USA or a private request for photographs taken from above.

For example, Tiff can provide you with truly outstanding aerial photographs for:


- A staged event such as a marriage proposal or a corporate launch
- Photographic memories of seasons, events and daily life
- Fine art photographs for private collections
- Locations and tourist features across the USA and its environs
- Aerial images of the USA's transport system or vehicles in transit
- Sunrise and sunset over iconic skylines
- Unique weather conditions in the USA
- Aerial shots of night-time for business or private display

Tiff can even help you to stage-manage a photoshoot, setting up breathtaking overhead photography that perfectly suits your aims.

How to book the best aerial photographer in the USA

For unforgettable aerial photography that gets people talking, you need to talk to Tiffany Gette.

Keep in mind that this talented and tech-savvy drone photography expert is in high demand! Though Tiff will always try to accommodate an urgent need for aerial photography in the USA or help you to capture a transitory moment .

Your vision, her expertise in aerial photography, and the beautiful country of the USA. The ideal combination!